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How do you plan on voting in this year's elections?

Would you vote yes or no on a 150 million dollar City of San Antonio bond for Affordable Housing Projects that includes rehabilitating, preserving and producing housing for homeownership or rent, and supportive services for people exiting homelessness?

Some say these issues are problems in the greater San Antonio area. Do you think it's a serious problem, somewhat serious problem or not a serious problem?

For the following 3 charts, respondents were asked: Which government level do you think should take the lead in addressing the stated issue?

Local Priorities

Federal Priorities

Split on which level of government should lead

The Cantril Self-Anchoring Scale is a tool used to assess the well-being of a population by asking respondents to rate where their life stands now, and where they think it will be in five years, using a hypothetical ten-point “ladder” scale. By combining a respondents rating we are able able to identify if people feel they are Thriving, Struggling, or Suffering.

How would you describe your current financial situation?

Have you experienced any of the following over the last 12 months?

Do you think these things contribute to the rising cost of living in Bexar County?

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement 'Having reliable, high quality child care for young children is crucial for parents to be able to work?'

What do you think is a challenge when looking for a job?

How important do you think each of the following factors are to a person's health?

Have you provided any monetary support to a charitable or non-profit organization in the last year?

Have you or anyone in your household provided volunteer support to a charitable or non-profit organization in the last year?

Were some or all of your charitable donations in 2021 benefiting a community in Bexar County?